SCOOP is a global non-profit building schools in order to offer free education to children in developing countries. 

The Schools

S.C.A.O. School II, Som Rong, Cambodia

S.C.A.O. School II
Som Roung Village, Cambodia

Site of SCAO III School, Cambodia.

S.C.A.O. School III
(Under Construction)
Prey Ponror, Cambodia

School play, Varanasi, India.

The Jeevan School Of Life
Varanasi, India


The Jeevan Village
(Pre-Construction Phase)
Varanasi, India

  • Andy Andrew Sweeney, Founder

    "Children who live in poverty in Cambodia and India are often unable to go to school and therefore never get the chance to break the cycle of poverty. Many children are sent to work, or to beg, because the families need every cent just to survive. There’s child labour, child prostitution and trafficking. SCOOP solves this problem by building schools, supporting partner organisations, training local teachers and by giving children the skills they need to change their futures. Through the schools, we can also provide other social services. We also take an innovative, progressive approach to fundraising. Our approach is working and we’d love for you to join us."