Sanitation Facilities

This is one of the biggest community development projects we have been involved with to date. By offering a clean and sanitised area to go to the bathroom, children contract less diseases and can stay in school longer. 

This is part of our Community Development Programme in Som Roung and Prey Ponror Villages in Cambodia.



Each toilet costs €500 and supports 3 families.


Through working with IDE Cambodia, SCAO and SCOOP’s Cambodia Development Team established a cheap and effective way of building toilets in the village. IDE Cambodia provided a training course to the local builders in Som Roung on how to construct the toilets.

These toilets were built in order to gain more information on the costs and processes involved. The toilet is shared between two or three families depending on the families’ proximity to the toilet. Like all projects this is still an on-going project with more toilets being implemented every week.

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