Built in 2011, The SCAO II School provides English (writing & conversation) and computer classes to over 250 registered students, all coming from Som Roung Village or the countryside surrounding it.

It offers classes from pre-school to pre-university, as well as healthcare, dental care, eye care and other social services such as water filters and mosquito nets.


Som Roung village…

Som Roung Village has roughly 600 residents. Most people rely on farming and rent land in order to make a living. Some of infamous garment factories of Cambodia lie nearby, and many women as young as 14 work in the factories  to support their families. Other families run small shops from their homes.

The income levels of Som Roung have improved since the school was built, but still remain quite low. 


Case Study

Dina, 13

Dina is 13 years old and she has been attending SCAO II school in Som Roung for the past 4 years. Dina began attending SCAO when she was 9 years old because she wanted to learn English. She is a very bright and attentive student in school, and she enjoys SCAO because she gets to meet volunteers from all over the world and talk to them. In her free time Dina likes to play and sing with her friends.

Dina’s parents work in a garment factory that is close to Som Roung Village. They earn $170 a month each; however her father has had a recurring illness in his leg that has prevented him from working. Dina has three older brothers that also work to support her family. Dian is the only child that is attending school. Her parents are very proud of her achievements in school. They are sure she is going to be successful.

In the future Dina aspires to finish High School and go onto study Journalism. She hopes to be a News Reader in the future

Little Cambodian girl sitting

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