S.C.A.O. School III – Prey Ponror, Cambodia

The S.C.A.O. III Centre in Prey Ponror (38km outside Phnom Penh) opened its doors in December 2016. The ground floor is fully finished and classes have begun (with 150 children registered for class) but we still need to finish the 2nd floor (4 more classrooms for 300+ more students)), build the wall and gate, and build the accommodation for long term volunteers and teachers.

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The aim of the school is to supplement the poorly run and under resourced public education system, focusing on free English (written & conversation) and computer classes.

Right now there are 150 children attending, but when we complete the 2nd floor, it is expected over 400 students will attend classes every day. There will also be the usual projects to improve water supply and healthcare etc in the surrounding village.

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Location: Prea Ponror, “Sen Sok” district
February 2016
Starting classes: 3rd quarter of 2016
Students: 380-400
Subjects: English, Computer lessons, Languages
Teacher: 2-3 Cambodian teachers plus 8 international volunteers
Classrooms: 2-4 rooms for max. 40 students
Computer room: 1 room for max. 20 students
Multi purpose room: 1 room for max. 20 students (or young adults in the optional training program)
Accommodations: Rooms for long-term volunteers
2 dorms for short-term volunteers (women / men)
1 room for the caretaker family
Bathrooms: 2 separate sanitary facilities for students and volunteers
Equipment: Wells, water-filtering and storage system, rainwater harvesting system, solar energy system

The area around Prey Ponror consists of 16 smaller villages, which are all accessible by bike or by walking.


This project is run in partnership with the S.C.A.O.



More information on the Project Website: www.scao-school.org
More information about S.C.A.O.: www.savepoorchildreninasia.org
Download the Prey Ponror Household Survey 2015


Project Status

Construction Status 65%
Donation Status 75%

€74, 500 of €100,000 already raised.
€25, 500 still needed. Get involved today!

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