Curriculum Development

New ABC Beginners Curriculum

There has been a change in the way that the alphabet has been taught in the school. All students are now learning the sounds rather than the letters. A new ABC Beginners curriculum has been completed with the international jolly phonics forming the base of the curriculum. Both schools have adopted the new curriculum. Hard copies have been supplied in each classroom in both the new and old school.

The curriculum includes a guide to teaching the new curriculum, phonics games, useful phonics websites, recordings of each sound to be used in class or by the volunteer prior to teaching, worksheets and useful resources such as banners, alphabet runners and bingo cards. Also included in the guide is a lesson plan template and a guide on how to complete the lesson plan template.


ABC Beginners Assessment 

Four ABC Beginners classes underwent a simple assessment. Assessment begun late last week and took ten days to complete which took place at the end of July. Natasha, The SCOOP Education Officer in 2014 created a simple assessment of the sounds and a few words that the students should know according to the volunteer teachers. When the assessment was completed then the ABC Beginners classes were restructured with similar abilities in the same class as much as possible as there was a large gap between the abilities in some classes previously.

This will prove beneficial for both the volunteer and the students in terms of learning and discipline. When this assessment is complete, it is with a view to extending the assessment to all levels.

ABC Advanced Assessments 

After the successful implementation of the assessments for the ABC Beginners classes we have decided to extend this to the ABC Advanced class. We will restructure both classes into two new classes and according to ability to encourage and challenge the students according to their abilities. Natasha has worked with both volunteers teaching these classes and created simple assessments to be completed.

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