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We set up Syrias Vibes after our co-founder Calvin came back from spending 6 months volunteering as a medic and ambulance drive for Heyva Sor a Kurd (The Kurdish Red Crescent) in Northern Syria.

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The initiative supportds 8 medical clinics situated all around Syria, each with a emergency response team treating all civilians who are injured in the war. 

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How can I help?


Some people have set up online campaigns or have taken on challenges to raise funds. You can too set up your own fundraiser.

We are also asking music lovers the world over to run an event for us – you could even just make a mixed tape and invite friends over!

Taking this concept a little further, we have also asked DJs and Club Promoters the world over to get involved. Other PR companies and music labels have collaborated too.

Since July, the campaign has raised €78,000 which has supported Heyva Sor a Kurd’s staff, ran 2 of their clinics and bought a new ambulance.

We have BIG plans for 2017.


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