The Jeevan School – Varanasi, India

The Jeevan School works with children from ‘begging’ or homeless families living in the Holy City of Varanasi, dramatically improving their lives and futures.

It is a loving home for 40 of the worst affected children in the area, and it offers a free education and meals to another 100 children and young adults.


The foundations…

Set up by a mix of Canadian, German and Irish Volunteers, the school was initially set up as a day centre for children from ‘begging’ families. Instead of roaming the streets while their parents worked, they were given a safe place to go and learn.

From there it has grown to become the most respected school and NGO in the whole of Varanasi.

Together we are planning on building a new brand new project so they can reach an help more children – The Jeevan Village.

More about Jeevan School…

The Jeevan School offers free schooling to 120 children and runs classes from Pre-Nursery to Pre-University and teaches not only basic subjects such as Hindi, English, Maths, etc, but also Environmental Studies, Computers, Arts and Politics.

Independent thinking is also greatly encouraged and students are given ‘Independent Work Time’ each day where they are given individualised weekly plans to encourage them in areas of personnel interest or where they may need more work.

Because of the severe problems the students face, quality of teaching is very important at The Jeevan School and all teachers undergo weekly teacher training workshops run by Head Teacher, Kati. These workshops are also open to staff from other NGOs in the area.

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