Jeevan Village – A new idea tackling child poverty in Varanasi, India

The Jeevan Children’s Village is an innovative solution to the tackle the abject poverty in the city, and it’s worst affected children.


The plan is to build classrooms, bedrooms, gardens and courtyards – a series of living and learning spaces that are all built with children’s development at heart.


It will also be self-sustainable – with solar energy, an organic farm and innovative waste disposal techniques.


It will offer pre-nursery to pre-university level schooling, an infirmary and workshops, staff, student and volunteer accommodation, a family support centre, computer room, library, creativity area, multiple gardens, kitchens,  canteens, and recreational amenities.


The Jeevan Village will provide an education for up to 500 children and a home for 90 of the most vulnerable, and it will give generations of bright young minds a chance to set their own goals and reach their dream.


Take a glimpse at our plans (click to enlarge):

Construction Status 52%
Donation Status 60%

€74,500 of €125,000 already raised.
€50,500 still needed. Get involved today!

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